Set Up Email in Emacs With mbsync and mu4e

This blog describes how I set up email in Emacs with the help of mbsync, mu and mu4e. First of all, I need a program to synchronize emails in my local drive with the server. There are several options for this purpose, with two of the most popular ones being offlineimap and mbsync. I actually tried offlineimap first and was able to make it work together with mu and mu4e. There are two methods to specify the password of email account in offlineimap’s or mbsync’s configuration files.

Learn basic Elisp

I have been using Emacs for about 2 years until now, yet I have never looked insight to elisp seriously. I know that understanding elisp could make my life in Emacs much easier. Though I tried to read the first several chapters of An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp within Emacs, but soon found out that I totally forgot what I just read without the practice of applying them in my real life.

Include graphics Using ditaa and TikZ in Org mode

Org mode is well known for its powerful taking notes and task management capabilities, but for me it is always (or at least now) the document preparation mechanism that truly attracts me. Just imagine how amazing that we can just write content in org mode and then convert it to either PDF through LaTeX or HTML. Actually since Org mode is so good at these LaTeX tasks, I am even using the Org Beamer rather than the original LaTeX Beamer to prepare presentations.

How to set various PATH and Environments for Shell (bash) and Emacs

What is the difference between shell, bash, terminal? Shell is a command-line interpreter and there are various types of shell like Bourne shell (sh) and C shell (csh). Bash (Bourne-Again shell) is written as part of GNU Project to provide a superset of Bourne Shell functionality. Terminal used to be a physical hardware device to access a computer system when computer is bulky and expensive. The Terminal app on Mac OS X is called a terminal emulator actually, whose function is to emulate a terminal as its name suggested.